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Tower Advisor is a leading wireless consulting and acquisition firm, representing property owners nationwide. Our full stack of services encompasses lease buyouts, lease amendments, new lease negotiations, and cash flow management for cellular yields.

Nominally, Tower Advisor is a highly recognized offshoot of our parent entity, The Eisen Organization, a prominent New Jersey-based firm with interests across commercial real estate, residential assets, and cell tower consultancy. Our sister company, Avalair Group, is focused on our dedicated real estate ecosystem.

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Market Sovereignty Through Marked Leadership

Norman Eisen
Founder & CEO
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Dore Krankel
Managing Director
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Norman Marinoff
Vice President of Site Acquisition Sales / Lease Consultant
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Mark Landsman
Vice President of Mergers and Acquisitions
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Martin Zaks
Mergers and Acquisitions
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Amy Kornwasser
Wireless Consultant
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Tower Advisor Philosophy

Hardwired for honesty

We believe the big carriers have enough lawyers and representatives. So we make it our mission to fight on behalf of the land- and lease-holders.

Fact is, these wireless assets are yours, not the carriers’. Thankfully, we bring the right talents to the table to turn them into mutual assets. Because when everyone wins, everyone wins more.

All together better

From our very start in 2003, we went all in. If we were to represent your best interest, we would have to represent all your interests. That meant a full service stack.

A decade and a half later, our approach is still proving right. By leading the way with everything from new leases to cash flow management, our contracts continue to throw off maximum yields for our partners.

Towering above average

Tower Advisor leverages geographic and territorial knowledge amassed by our sister company, Avalair Group. These real estate datasets are invaluable to success.

Where other consultancies rely on loose individual case data, we are empowered by much more accurate insights into land pricing, rooftop valuations, and the premiums that cell towers command over solar installations.

Our Partner Categories

Building Owners
Custom transaction design to maximize your unique property’s rooftop lease
Condos / Co-ops
Site audits and strategies to maximize wireless cash flow (and offset expenses)
1:1 services, whether the land is generational or a recent family addition
Municipal Entities
Trusted advisor to government entities looking to fund improvements, offset tax levies, or allocate project funding
Detailed lease analyses and monetization strategies provide long-term value for nonprofit budgeting